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            10 Best Gutenberg Plugins, Addons & Extensions

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            10 Best Gutenberg Plugins, Addons & Extensions

            Gutenberg is a powerful content editor as it is, but add-ons extend what the revolutionary block editor can do. With the right Gutenberg add-ons, extensions and plugins, you can power up the editor and can create extraordinary content layouts that drive your business agenda.

            Firstly, I will use Gutenberg plugins, add-ons, and extensions interchangeably in today’s post. Why? A WordPress add-on or extension is a plugin that extends another plugin or the WordPress core. So a Gutenberg add-on, extension, or plugin is any WordPress plugin that extends the Gutenberg editor.

            Secondly, I hope you love this collection of Gutenberg plugins. Call them Gutenberg add-ons, extensions, plugins, or whatever; these tools extend the Gutenberg editor beyond your imagination! In other words, your journey into better web content just got swankier with the Gutenberg plugins we cover today.

            Keep in mind that most Gutenberg add-ons offer similar blocks. The real difference is in the options each plugin offers on a per-block basis. The best Gutenberg plugin, therefore, is one that gives you all the options you need to create and customize content to your heart’s content.

            In the following section, we point you towards 10 of the best WordPress plugins that will completely change how you interact with the Gutenberg editor. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced developer, the following Gutenberg plugins offer you plenty of options to create the content you desire.

            Without further ado, let’s enhance your Gutenberg editor with a couple of add-ons, so you can create content like the boss you are. Forget the mug of coffee you’re offered in nearly every post; I won’t keep you here long anyway. Just grab one Gutenberg extension from the following list, run with it, and have fun!

            Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

            1. Getwid

            getwid gutenberg blocks wordpress plugin

            The first position goes to Getwid, a nifty Gutenberg blocks plugin by Motopress, a trusted WordPress developer with over six years of experience. The plugin is a fantastic collection of over 30 content blocks that offer you a lot of control over your content. It’s easy to set up and use that?you should be and running in no time.

            Getwid extends the Gutenberg editor significantly. It ships with a beautiful set of content blocks such as media & text sliders, image sliders, sections, banners, image stack galleries, price boxes, custom post types, Instagram, and MailChimp, among others. The core plugin is free to download at WordPress.org. Checkout our Getwid review and guide to learn more!

            2. Atomic Blocks

            gutenberg plugins - atomic blocks

            Without a doubt, the Gutenberg editor has completely changed how we create content. Unlike in the past, you can now create incredible websites in minutes. And thanks to Gutenberg add-ons such as Atomic Blocks, building remarkable websites has never been easier.

            The Atomic Blocks plugin brings you a variety of impressive page building blocks, which allow you to create the site you want. The plugin offers you Gutenberg blocks such as newsletters, section & layout block, containers, share icons, call to action (CTA), inline notices, and advanced columns, among others.

            3. CoBlocks

            coblocks gutenberg blocks plugin

            Gutenberg is snowballing, and much of the growth is seen through add-ons that extend the block editor. An extension such as CoBlocks ships with impressive features. It allows you to make the most of the Gutenberg editor without trying hard on your part.

            Brought to you by GoDaddy, Coblocks offers you blocks such as alerts, accordions, author profiles, click to tweet, hero sections, logos & badges, maps, media cards, services, and dividers among others. The plugin is incredibly powerful yet lightweight, meaning you can build a beautiful and super-fast website.

            4. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

            ultimate addons for gutenberg

            When you are creating a website, you need all the customization power you can get your hands on. And if you’re in the market for a Gutenberg extension that offers such ability, you’ll love Ultimate Addons. The Brainstorm Force team behind the plugin has outdone itself, and it’s evident.

            Ultimate Addons offers you a good number of creative Gutenberg blocks so you can create impeccable sites without writing code. We are talking about blocks such as exceptional headings, advanced columns, blockquotes, CTA, Contact Form 7 styler, content timeline, and Google Maps, among others.

            BTW, if you’re interested, Brainstorm Force offers you 20+ pre-built free starter sites built using Gutenberg, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, and the Astra theme. On top of Ultimate Addons, you need the Astra Starter Sites plugin to get the free websites.

            5. Kadence Blocks

            kadence blocks gutenberg plugin

            In the past, you either needed god-level coding skills or a robust page builder plugin to create beautiful layouts. Things have changed considerably with the entrance of Gutenberg. The editor is powerful, yes, but couple it with the Kadence Blocks plugin, and you get a supernova.

            Custom Kadence blocks include row layouts, advanced galleries, headings, buttons, icons, spacers, testimonials, accordions, info boxes, tabs, and icons, among others. Each block comes with an extensive list of options that let you create exceptional content visually.

            6. Otter Blocks

            otter blocks gutenberg addons

            Otter Blocks is brought to you by Themeisle, one of the most reputable WordPress developers on the web. The plugin is a beautiful collection of creative Gutenberg blocks and ready-to-import templates. To achieve the best results, you can customize each block or template extensively.

            The Otter Blocks Gutenberg plugin offers you a variety of blocks, including sections, services, price lists, post grids, Google Maps, testimonials, Font Awesome icons, and sharing buttons, among others. It’s a great tool to create excellent content without breaking a sweat.

            7. Stackable

            stackable gutenberg plugin

            And when you think you’ve seen it all, Gutenberg plugins keep coming. On stage, we have Stackable, a nifty Gutenberg plugin by Gambit Technologies. The plugin offers you feature-rich blocks that help you to build your dream website in a matter of clicks.

            Impressive blocks that come with Stackable include containers, separators, post grids, feature grids, accordions, image boxes, feature blocks, icon list, CTA, headers, cards, video popups, counters, testimonials, price tables, team members and so on.

            8. Advanced Gutenberg

            advanced gutenberg plugin

            While most Gutenberg plugins offer nearly the same features, but the Advanced Gutenberg plugin goes a step further. On top of over 20 content blocks, the plugin provides you more control over the Gutenberg editor. Now, you can activate content blocks on a per user basis. This means that only certain users can edit specific content blocks.

            Advanced Gutenberg comes with a range of cute and easy-to-use blocks. You get a column manager, post sliders, WooCommerce product sliders, advanced button block, contact forms, advanced list block, accordions, testimonials, tabs, superior image & video blocks, etc.

            9. Ultimate Blocks

            gutenberg plugins ultimate blocks

            We are still at it. At number nine, we have the Ultimate Blocks Gutenberg plugin. It’s a nifty little engine that’s guaranteed to supercharge your Gutenberg editor. It is the best Gutenberg extension for bloggers and marketers, thanks to a slew of impressive features.

            With 18+ content blocks, Ultimate Blocks offers you plenty of ammunition to create outstanding websites that are out of this galaxy. Notable blocks include content filter, review, tabs, table of contents, CTA, content toggle, styled boxes & lists, expandable content, and so much more.

            10. Qodeblock

            qodeblock gutenberg plugin

            Last but not least, we have the Gutenberg Blocks Collection by Qodeblock. It’s a fantastic Gutenberg add-on that comes with over 20 content blocks. The plugin offers you a great list of blocks that give you more control to quickly create and launch any site you desire.

            Available clocks include advanced columns, accordions, author profiles, buttons, CTAs, container block, email newsletters, inline notices, pricing tables, post/page grids, social media icons, and the list goes on. This collection of Gutenberg blocks offers you a lot of flexibility to build your website the way you imagine.

            Gutenberg is a powerful content editor with a bright future. It allows you to create awesome websites in a matter of clicks. Gutenberg add-ons/plugins/extensions build on the default Gutenberg editor, offering you even more power to bend Gutenberg whichever way you desire.

            To pick the best Gutenberg plugin for your needs, you must be willing to try a couple of options. Most Gutenberg plugins offer the same content blocks. However, each Gutenberg plugin comes with different options to customize each block, meaning what works for me might not work for you.

            We hope you find an awesome Gutenberg plugin to supercharge your WordPress website. My favorite so far is the Getwid Gutenberg plugin by MotoPress.

            Which is your favorite Gutenberg plugin? Do you have concerns, questions, or suggestions? Please share in the comments.

            Article by Freddy WPExplorer.com author
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